Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kid Genius?

Kid Genius is a free video on demand channel available through XFINITY.

How is Kid Genius different from other kids channels?

We strive to create a safe environment for kids with shows that entertain and enrich. We are dedicated to providing “content with a purpose.”

Where can I find Kid Genius?

Kid Genius is available through Comcast Xfinity On Demand. Click here to learn more.

Is Kid Genius only available for XFINITY customers?

Currently, Kid Genius is available on demand through XFINITY. As the channel expands, additional outlets will be added.

How is Kid Genius “Smart TV for Kids?”

Kid Genius entertains and enriches kids with programs that encourage and inspire them to think and explore.

How often do the shows refresh?

Kid Genius offers a slate of smart programming that is regularly refreshed with shows that feature a range of topics for toddlers to tweens. We recommend checking back often to see what’s new.

What if I don’t see my question answered here?

No problem. You can submit your question to or by filling out the form on the Contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.