This new animated series stars Angie and her young science club who discover Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab, a scientists dream lab with every imaginable gadget and gizmo, including a hologram that brings Mr. Edison to life and a hilarious robot called Von Bolt.

Follow their scientific adventures as they explore the universe - past, present and future - and discover how much fun science can be.

Recommended Ages: 6-11 Preview Visit Site

Join Warren Buffett and his Secret Millionaires Club as they learn how to think like entrepreneurs in many fun-filled adventures in business.

Recommended Ages: 6-11 Preview Visit Site

Baby Genius entertains and enriches toddlers with a series of videos featuring classic nursery rhymes, learning songs, classical, holiday and more.

Baby Genius products have earned numerous awards from parent groups and organizations, including the Mom's Choice Award, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, iParenting Media Award, Kids First! Quality Children's Media Endorsement and many others.

Recommended Ages: 0-3 Preview Visit Site

In his first staring role, Stan Lee encounters a group of real aliens and teaches them to be a team of superheroes, using their "actual" exploits as comic book stories.

Recommended Ages: 8+ Preview Visit Site


An animated series based on the 'Carmen Sandiego' line of computer games.

The world-renowned thief Carmen Sandiego has, with the help of her henchmen, stolen the landmarks of the world, and it's up to ACME Detective Agency sleuths Zack and Ivy to get them back. Like the computer game, this show's primary goal was to build up kids' knowledge of geography and world culture.

Recommended Ages: 6-11 Preview

Animated series based on the classic comic strip by Hank Ketcham.

America's most well-known little mischief-maker, Dennis the Menace, gets into numerous scrapes and adventures with his dog Ruff and his friends, Joey and Margaret. This also typically involves some means of mischief and funny encounters with Dennis's grumpy but well-meaning next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson.

Recommended Ages: 6-11 Preview
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